Wellbeing Therapist, Coach & Healer

Inspire Empower Heal

My mission and purpose is to Inspire others to be who they really are without all their old reactive patterning.  I wish for them to live their lives to the fullest, to empower them with the tools and knowledge to move forward, to heal and return to the unique and special beings they are.

I have been working with clients for over 25 years, helping them recover from their past, whether it’s help with life in general, finding direction and purpose, stress, anxiety, relationships, career, changing old behavioural patterns, mastering their emotions or even the unknown.

It is a process and therefore can be ongoing . Through individual sessions we will get to the underlying issues that are holding you back. It continues to be a privilege and a journey we take together.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I welcome you at this difficult time.

I myself have been extremely ill with this virus. I feel very blessed to be still here. I will be working online in the near future giving reduced rate one 2 one distant sessions. I will be sending out free meditations to help cope with all the mixed emotions that are spinning around. I ask for your patience, kindness and understanding at this time for yourself and those around and beyond.

We will get through this TRUST

Watch my COVID 19 Visualisation

Therapy & Coaching

We will go on a journey to uncover your true self.  My practice provides a safe environment to be able to release and move on as swiftly as possible. I have a wealth of skills and tools to help us. It is a unique journey we take together.

It is transformational and life changing process that individually  develops  that is affordable and right for you.

Mindfulness Meditation

Learning Meditation does not need to be as daunting as it can sound, it is simply a way of being in the moment, being aware, accepting, letting go, while allowing yourself to tune into your own spirit.

Through learning Mindfulness it can bring a profound sense of peace, clarity, and inner calm. A beautiful journey home.

Soul Awakening

Soul Awakening is the moment we connect, it is hands on Energy Healing  on my unique crystal bed, designed by myself.  It is Gentle, visionary, it is about raising our energy vibration, working with the light,  allowing our spirit to rise and heal

I value the quiet space with Caroline  and being able to express my feelings and thoughts safely. Her quiet professional approach and method of working suits me and I really enjoy  her powerful healing sessions.

HT. 50’s.

Aug 19

‘ Amazing’  I didn’t know where to turn how to help myself, left seeing things in a different way and more understanding and self worth.

JP 30’s

Feb 18

I saw Caroline for anxiety and depression, from the first session I felt a weight had been lifted and I continue to make progress. I return to Caroline when I feel blocked, I could not recommend her highly enough.

NC 40’s

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