My journey began at an early age with having a heightened sense of awareness of others feelings, more so than of my own

...which I would later go on to Realise was a reflection of my own ). I could see and feels others pain, look inside their souls and see the joy that was beneath the mask. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t feel the same , how did they not understand or see me.  It wasn’t until I was faced with a near death experience that I woke up to the immense sense, of it was now time for me, time to unlock all that had been hidden away, time to feel the hurt, pain, neglect, abuse, I had buried all these years. I was diagnosed with hyperventilation, panic attacks. I was put on medication, had counselling, I was hospitalised for hyperventilation under the renowned Professor Lum, I had various hypnotherapy sessions. I had what I would call a break down. I was a mess!

I went back to Los Angeles where I was living, I tried every therapy going, but I still felt the same . I understood cognitively what had happened but I was still feeling fear panic, low self worth etc.

It wasn’t until I had some Shen therapy sessions in Seattle that it all started to fall into place, I had been holding in my body too.

I left my other life as I call it in the music business travelling all over the world and began my training and I have never looked back.

It is a honour everyday to work with my clients to help improve the lives of myself and others. I feel truly blessed , thank you and I look forward to our journey.


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