What is Mindfulness?

Neuroscience research supporting mindfulness and other embodied practices like yoga breathing tai chi, chi gong make a connection between the alarm system of the brain in the amygdala where distressing memories are stored and the decision-making centres in the ventral medial prefrontal cortex. This is where self-awareness, self-referencing, making decisions, emotions and extracting meaning from perceptions happen in the brain.

Mindfulness can help you  to connect the amygdala and ventral medial prefrontal cortex that enhances self-awareness and positively activates the area in the brain where relevance, differentiation and contextualisation can happen.  By bringing the attention away from random or destructive thoughts, mindfulness enhances the ability to focus on the present moment.


Now this can all sound a little confusing and over whelming, so let me put it in simple terms.  Using Mindfulness techniques can bring amount remarkable change in your system. We have been programmed to think, to be a certain way in our lives because of circumstances, traumas, this in turn affects the way we behave, communicate. By practicing mindfulness, we learn to connect on a different level, accept ourselves and learn to let go and not be attached to anything. Allowing the brain to have a new focus rather than repeating the distress of the past, in time this builds capacity to self-regulate and self soothe.

Mindfulness is about present moment awareness being mindful in every moment allows you to enjoy the moment, relax in the moment.

It is said if we live in the past we are stressed, if we live in the future, we are stressed but if we live in the present, it is a gift.

Mindfulness is not as complicated as you may think, learning meditation is not just for people in temples, churches, classes. Learning to be truly mindful is a way of life.

It is based on the Buddhist tradition of meditation, but you do not have to be a Buddhist to mediate or be mindful as I said it is a way of life.

Like everything is takes practice, there is not judgment and you will soon see, that not doing it, doesn’t feel good.  While working with the breath, you notice changes in your body, you’re thinking, it is such a powerful tool.  It took me years to master the thought of mediating daily, I struggled with many different modalities. Mindfulness is a simple way using the breath and being present. You will come to like this place of calm, moment awareness you will enjoy your life better, connect with others better, more Intune with yourself. Get ideas, get creative, more intuition, dissolving past issues.

I assure you; you can do it and you will love it.