Mindfulness meditation is a state of being aware in the present moment and calmly able to feel and accept sensations in the body, the thoughts that come up and go and the feelings as they arise. Rather than focusing on the past or future. It is embodying the present moment and being aware of what that brings up and allowing it to pass.

It can help with so many issues there is clinical research on mindfulness improving stress reduction, improve relationships, better confidence, self worth and esteem, improves  sleep, gives greater clarity and focus.

By giving ourselves the time to be mindful each day we are building on our own resources and building resilience. As we become more accepting we grow in understanding, compassion and let go of judgements of ourself and others. We become better listeners to ourself and others, we can become more joyful, more appreciative, clearer and gain more fulfilment in our lives and our relationships with self and others.

There are various possibilities of learning Mindfulness .

One 2 One sessions

8 week course group
consisting of 1 ½ hrs every week or two weeks over a course of 8 sessions.


Personal - this is exciting as you can arrange one in your home or space checking pricing page for info. Great present to yourself and your friends.

Corporate - making a difference in the workplace, check pricing page for details

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