How would you describe Caroline and what she does and what she has done for you.

‘ Amazing’  I didn’t know where to turn how to help myself, left seeing things in a different way and more understanding and self worth.    

JP  30’s

Feb 18

Caroline is like having a friend you’ve known your whole life who knows you better than you know yourself. No judgment, I had no fear in telling her anything or asking anything. Caroline is quite simply the best thing I’ve ever done for my health and wellbeing. I always come away feeling refreshed, focused and grounded. I tell someone about her everyday.

AA 20’s.

Aug 19

I value the quiet space with Caroline  and being able to express my feelings and thoughts safely. Her quiet professional approach and method of working suits me and I really enjoy  her powerful healing sessions.

HT.  50’s.

Aug 19

I saw Caroline for anxiety and depression, from the first session I felt a weight had been lifted and I continue to make progress. I return to Caroline when I feel blocked, I could not recommend her highly enough.        

NC  40’s

‘ A gentle light’ is how I can describe Caroline, I was unaware and full of rage, trying hard to turn the page, like a bird trapped in a cage, now I’ve entered a new age, twirling free upon a stage. ‘.

LB. 20’s.


‘ Caroline is very comforting and easy to talk to. Caroline has uncovered emotional blocks that I’ve had for years. In one session Caroline has changed how I handle things and the outside problems haven’t changed , just how I cope with them. One session has literally changed my life ‘.          

TF 30”s


‘ Caroline works absolute miracles she managed to help me talk  through things that I never thought I could work through, her healing ways are something I can’t explain, it just needs to be tried.  You are amazing ‘.

GY 20’s


‘Caroline has a wonderful gift , she has given me the understanding and ability with a caring and considered approach to be able to help people to free themselves in the world they live in and become their selves ‘.   

TT. 50’s


I went to Caroline for help with loss and recovery from abuse. ‘ Caroline is excellent at getting to the underlying problems. She is not afraid to challenge thinking, her peace giving treatment is exceptional. I didn’t  even know it at the time but if this hadn’t of worked, I think I would have taken my life . Caroline lifted some of those pressures, helped me realign my life. I live each day now with new excitement and happy. There should be a Caroline in every town. Thank you for saving me ‘.           

WC. 50’s.


Help with life ….  ‘Caroline enhanced reconnection with self, she guided me to calm, peace, and enabled a connection to what seems like, everything. Really life changing. Thank you ‘.

J. 30’s.


‘ Healing  session is truly wonderful , she is amazing ‘.

HB 30’s.


‘ For anyone facing challenges , whether  self, personal ,family, career or wanting to eradicate old behavioural patterns that are holding your life back. Caroline will help you do that in abundance , start being true to yourself , Caroline will help you reach your potential ‘

AC. 40’s.


‘Caroline has made me feel totally normal of having emotions over many years and made me understand how to deal with them. She is great credit to me and believe a great credit to many others’.          

KJ. 50’s.


‘ An  Amazing  Healer ‘. I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders when I leave her office. The sessions really help me to process what is going on ‘

LF 30’s.


‘ Caroline is a calming, balanced therapist who has helped me to be ok with me. To allow me to acknowledge my needs and not feel guilty . We all have past demons in it. My demons were stopping me as I lived  with a need to be perfect for  everyone else.  Caroline has helped me realise that I don’t need to be this and the person who needs to be truly happy and contented with is me’


BM 50’s.


These are just a few testimonials more available. All our available to read in person upon request.

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