Over the years I have worked with many people from all walks of life and all ages. The journey we take to uncover our true selves is unique for each person depending on their needs. We will first uncover where the source of blocks are coming from and gain a better understanding cognitively and emotionally as to how they affect you. As we release them and move forward you will feel lighter, clearer and freer to live the life you know you want and deserve.

Whether it is recovery from trauma, abuse, neglect, grief, stress, IBS, confidence issues, self esteem, chronic fatigue, improving relationships, career change, letting go of the past, motivation, spiritual growth, unexplained pain, migraines, anxiety, depression,PMS,  and much more we will get there.

I use many different modalities to do this eg, EMDR, Advanced life  Coaching, various emotional release techniques, Mindfulness and guided visualisations on my unique crystal bed. I look forward to each client as we go on a journey of self discovery and wellness. Thank you

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